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Lars released his first record in 1985. It was a single with the band Dizziness and the songs were Take it or leave it and Playing with fire.An album was recorded in 1985-1986 but wasn't realeased until 2013(!) by the Greek company No Remorse. Read more about Dizziness here.

In late 1986 Lars sent a cassette tape to magazine Guitar Player. He was featured in the Spolight column in the April issue of 1987. Listen to one of the songs, Flamboyant rocker, here. or watch Lars play a newer version here.

In between Dizziness and the next band Pole Position Lars went around and demonstrating guitars and amps. In 1991 Lars recorded with Pole Position their first of two albums. It wasn't released until late 1993 by label Mega Rock. The second one, Bigger, was released in 1998.

In 1999 Lars joins the band Reptilian and two cds are releades, Castle of Yesterday and Thunderblaze by Regain Records.

Lars formed the band Neondaze and released their one and only cd in 2008 by label Music Buy Mail.

In 2011 he forms the band Fair of Freaks and releaes their cd The More I Want.