After have released seven albums with different band Lars decided to go solo.
He released the mostly instrumental album Larser Than Life in 2016.
From the beginning Lars meant to do everything himself on the album i.e. playing guitar and bass and program the drums. But faith would have it other ways. On the album are two (!) drummers, a ”real” bass player and also a singer. With this in mind Lars wanted to create a band again and after some time the line up was complete:

Lars Boquist - guitar
Stefan Wallman - guitar
Leo Nielsen - vocals
Johan Helander - bass
Rikki Force - drums

With the line up complete rehearsals started for the new songs Lars had written or was going to write. Some were new but most of them were old songs that really was meant for other the bands but that never were. The songs were heavily modified though. While Larser Than Life was mostly instrumental Water has only vocal songs except the Toto cover Child’s Anthem.

Water was released October 19 2018.