The musical carrier for Lars started when he was about to turn 12. Within a year he started his first band. A nameless band that didn't last very long. But a year after that he started what would become Dizziness. After members come and gone the line up was ready at 1984 and Dizziness got signed. A first single was released in 1985. And a year after that their first album was finished. But due to endless of mess it was not released. One big thing though happened during this period. Lars got featured in the american magazine Guitar Player. Read the article here.

In 1987 the band was reformed. They changed name to Pole Position and gets signed in 1993. The self made album was recorded two years earlier though but now with the release the grunge was ruling so it was hard to make a name on the Swedish scene. A second album is released 1998 resulting in nothing so the band splits.

Lars joins Reptilian in 1999. Two albums are released, Castle of Yesterday and Thunderblaze. But of course, this didn't last longer due to lack of interest from the label.

Like a one man army Lars decides to do it on his own so in 2008 Neondaze is released. The band is really just Lars and singer Marcus Lundgren. An attempt to create a band for Neondaze is done but fails.

So after all these failures Lars now decides to really do it on his own. Since Lars is everything but a good singer he decides to do it instrumentaly. But faith would have it differently. When his first solo album, Larser Than Life, is released he has a new band. The album is mostly intrumental but has two songs with vocals. He decides to give the band thing another try. Some member replacement but in 2018 his second album is released. Lars and his band i.e. Lars Boquist and the 1712s releases the album Water.

Ever since Lars wrote his first song in 1975 the style has always been the same, the melodic hard rock/metal with influences of the 70:s and 80:s. The songs are guarenteed free from rap, screamo, anger vocals, down tuned guitars and other anomalies.....

1712s - The Band

Lars Boquist - guitar

Stefan Wallman - guitar

Leo Nielsen - vocals

Johan Helander - bass

Rikki Force - drums

guitar player